CariVu: Exciting New Technology that Allows Visualization of Cavities and Cracks Without Radiation!

February 14, 2018 

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we are committed to keeping up with the latest technology.  There are several reasons for this.

  1. We are committed to excellent dentistry. New technology improves the way we do dentistry.
  2. We are committed to efficient dentistry. We know that no one wants to spend all of his time in the dental chair.  New technology helps us do the same things faster with the same, excellent results.
  3. We are committed to patient protection. Advances in dental technology and materials ensure that everything we use is safe for our patients.

What is the CariVu?

The CariVu is a tool that uses transillumination to “see through” a tooth.  Its name comes from the word caries, which is the scientific name for tooth decay or cavities, and view because it allows us to view cavities in a new way.

The CariVu is the same size as our intraoral cameras.  Its shape is that of a small wand with two rubber extensions that “hug” a tooth.  These two extensions emit the high powered light, which passes through the tooth.

How Does the CariVu Work?

Transillumination means shining a light through a structure.  The basis of this technology is the way light passes through normal, healthy tooth structure.  In a dental x-ray, the photons of an x-ray beam pass through the tooth structure to give a certain appearance on a film or digital image.  In a similar way, the CariVu’s light passes through the tooth to produce an image of the internal structure of a tooth.

This image is produced with no radiation!

The CariVu causes no damage to any tissues in the body.  The light is projected through the tooth, and the image is captured as a photograph.

When tooth structure is not normal and healthy, the light does not pass through it.  The light is refracted (or bent) by a crack or a change in the density of the structure caused by tooth decay.  This appears on the image as a dark spot or shadow.

Does the CariVu Replace Dental X-rays?

No.  The CariVu is an amazing tool, which will give Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara more accuracy in their diagnosis.  It does not replace dental x-rays.

The CariVu only captures an image of the crown, or exposed part of the tooth.  It does not provide information on any tooth structure that is below the gums.  It misses the root of the tooth and all of the bone surrounding it.

The CariVu cannot aid in the diagnosis of gum disease, abscesses, or infections around the root.  For this reason, dental x-rays are still required.

Who Will Benefit from the CariVu?

In short, everyone!

Children who cannot tolerate dental x-rays can now be easily screened for signs of cavities.

Adults with fracture lines will now benefit from an inside look at how deep the crack extends into the tooth.

Finding “weak spots” on your teeth helps Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara make recommendations for preventive options.  Viewing a weak spot with the CariVu is like early detection.  The sooner you catch a problem, the less extensive and less expensive it is to correct.

Are You Ready to Get an In-Depth Look at Your Teeth With the CariVu?

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