Happy Birthday, Dr. Cara!

November 29, 2017

They say time flies when you’re having fun.  It is also said that you feel like you’ve known someone forever when it’s actually been a relatively short period of time.  Isn’t it funny that those two sentiments can describe the exact same time frame?  They each express the way we feel about Dr. Cara!  She joined the Prosper Family Dentistry team in August of 2016, and boy, has the time flown since then.  It also feels like she has been part of our team forever.

Our patients have described her as friendly, thoughtful, thorough, and accommodating.  Her coworkers describe her as caring, funny, empathetic, and conscientious.  No matter which adjective we choose to describe her, she is definitely an asset to Prosper Family Dentistry.

Dr. Cara is a native Texan.  She grew up in Bedford and graduated from LD Bell High School.  She received a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in 2007 and remains an avid Bear fan no matter how their season goes.  After college, Dr. Cara went on to earn her master’s degree at Baylor College of Dentistry in 2010, which is also the year she married her husband.  He was by her side throughout the four years of dental school, also at Baylor College of Dentistry (now named Texas A&M College of Dentistry, much to Dr. Cara’s dismay).  She completed her doctorate of dental surgery in 2014.

With two years of practice in general dentistry under her belt, she was hired by Dr. Jill as an associate dentist at Prosper Family Dentistry based on her wonderful education, her diverse work experience, and her humble and gentle personality.

The reason Dr. Cara loves being a dentist is because it gives her a way to change people’s lives, even if only in a small way.  She loves helping educate patients about their overall health and how their mouth affects it.  She has been praised by her patients for encouraging them to seek medical treatment for dangerous medical conditions they were unaware of before their visit with Dr. Cara.  One patient specifically thanked her for putting his overall health above the dental treatment he needed that day.  After seeing Dr. Cara, he suffered a heart attack, but it was after he had begun medical treatment at her urging and recognized that the heart attack could have been much worse had he had no warning.  He said she played an important role in saving his life!

The words thorough and thoughtful are often used to describe Dr. Cara.  When it comes to your comprehensive dental care, she will leave no stone unturned in diagnosis.  She understands well that many issues that manifest themselves in the mouth have their roots elsewhere in the body.  She is happy to spend as much time with a patient as it takes to get the right answers for their questions.  In this, she complements the mission of Prosper Family Dentistry perfectly.  She’s pretty great at fitting in with our silliness, too.

Dr. Cara has a strong commitment to lifelong learning and continuing education.  She is a faithful member of both local and international study clubs that meet regularly to discuss complex cases and new technology in dentistry.  Dr. Jill appreciates the way Dr. Cara brings a fresh set of eyes to the office because she sees things from a different perspective.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Cara changing diapers or napping because her adorable, precious, snuggly, happy eight-month-old little boy refuses to sleep through the night.  Her two-year-old daughter also keeps her busy.  She and her husband love watching college football and playing board games with their friends.  And if you’re looking for a conversation starter with Dr. Cara, just ask her whether or not you should read Harry Potter.