Staff Highlight: Dr. Jill

August 2, 2017

by Lara T. Coseo, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Jill has called many places home throughout her life, and now she is happy to call Prosper home.  This is where she and her husband Pat decided to put down roots in the form of a dental practice in August of 2004.  Before graduating from dental school, they began planning the rest of their lives by searching for the right place to build a private dental practice.  They looked for a town in which they would enjoy raising a family and being part of the community.  Their search, and a conversation with Staci Rigsby, the staff member who has been with Dr. Jill for the longest (over 12 years), brought them to Prosper.  At that time, there was not a single dentist in the town of Prosper.  Dr. Jill became the first!

Dr. Jill spent most of her formative years in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, where she was involved as a sports trainer in high school and practiced piano with the dream of becoming a concert pianist.  While she remains an avid sports fan and a follower of a wide variety of music, she switched her focus to healthcare during college, for which all of her patients are grateful.  When Dr. Jill traveled from California to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to visit a friend, she immediately fell in love.  She describes the Baylor campus as one of her favorite places on earth. One of the many reasons she loves it so dearly is because she met her husband Pat there.  You have probably never met two bigger Baylor Bear fans than Jill and Pat.

They were married in July of 1999, and Dr. Jill spent her first year of marriage working as a vet tech in Plano while trying to decide whether or not to go to veterinary school.  Thankfully, she instead settled on dentistry and entered Baylor College of Dentistry in the fall of 2000.  Dr. Jill not only succeeded in becoming #1 in her dental school class; she did it while commuting to downtown Dallas from Plano every day for four years.  She often states that she could never have accomplished either of those feats without the love, support, and stability she received from Pat during those four years.

Prosper Family Dentistry opened its doors for business in August of 2004 in a brand new medical complex on Preston Road.  At the time, Preston only had two lanes of traffic!  Dr. Jill opened the dental practice with two operatories (patient rooms) and one employee.  Now, Prosper Family Dentistry has nine operatories and eleven team members!  It has certainly grown with the town.

Dr. Jill is well known among her patients for her friendliness, empathy and compassion to all people.  Her great reputation as a dentist is based on those qualities plus a truly comprehensive view of dentistry.  When you become a patient of Dr. Jill’s, you are not getting just a tooth-fixer; you are getting  a doctor who cares about your overall health and how it is affected by the condition of your mouth and jaws.  She delves into the relationship between your oral health and other parts of your body including your upper cervical spine, hormones, any past trauma or injuries, among many others.  You can read our reviews to see how well-loved she is.

Dr. Jill also loves interacting with the community.  She has participated in countless events in both public and private schools, at the local library, and around the community.  She has sponsored more sports teams and school events than we can count, and she brings students of all ages into her practice to give them an inside look at dentistry.  She and her family are very active in Prosper United Methodist Church and the many service opportunities it provides to the surrounding area.  In short, she loves this community and all the people in it.



In her home hangs a sign that reads “Faith   Family   Friends“.  It would be easy to think that this is just another cute decorative piece that really doesn’t have much to do with her work.  That’s just not the case with Dr. Jill.  For her, in the same way her view of dentistry is comprehensive, this sign is a comprehensive view of life that encompasses her work.  Her faith is the foundation on which she builds the compassion and empathy she feels for each person she meets, especially those entrusting themselves to her care.  She is called to use the knowledge and expertise she possesses to improve the quality of life of those around her.  In her team, she has created a family that works together and takes care of one another.  As a business owner, she feels the weight of providing for this family as much as her own.  Lastly, her patients are her friends.  She genuinely cares about their families, their vacations, their struggles, their sorrows, in a way rarely seen among healthcare providers.  She’s been known to cancel a patient’s treatment and just listen to their story and pray with them because that is what was truly best for that person that day.

Dr. Jill is loved near and far for all of these reasons and many more.  If you see her this week, wish her a Happy Birthday!