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Why Does My Dentist Ask So Many Questions about the Medicine I Take?

Why Does My Dentist Ask So Many Questions about the Medicine I Take? September 26, 2018 That’s a great question!  Both medicine and dentistry have changed drastically over the past few decades. An old anecdote said that dentists built their offices on the second floor of buildings for a reason.  If the patient was healthy enough to climb the stairs to get to the dentist, he was healthy enough to have a tooth pulled. Things are not quite so simple today.  First of all, we have elevators.  Secondly, and more importantly, we have more medications than ever, and these medications
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Is Flossing Really That Important? December 27, 2017 Let’s talk about flossing. We know.  No one wants to floss.  Recent statistics show that Americans can be roughly divided into thirds when it comes to flossing habits.  Just under 1/3 of the population floss every day.  Just over 1/3 of the population floss sometimes.  And the rest admit to never flossing.  Never.  That hurts our dentist-hearts. Many of our patients have shared that they feel guilty when we ask about flossing.  We do not ever want to make anyone feel guilty.  We simply want to know where you stand on the
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Oral-Systemic Health Link

Is Your Mouth Making You Sick? December 7, 2017 How Oral Health Impacts Systemic Health At Prosper Family Dentistry, we take healthcare seriously.  While we are specifically concerned with our patients’ oral health, we acknowledge its role in a person’s overall health.  Unfortunately, the mouth has always been treated by a realm of healthcare (dentistry), which has historically been completely separate from general medicine.  Because of this, some people are under the impression that the mouth is therefore independent and unrelated to the rest of the body.  This is a dangerous myth! What systemic issues are connected with the mouth?
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