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Gift Ideas for that Hard-to-Buy-For Person

Gift Ideas for that Hard-to-Buy-For Person December 5, 2018 We know.  This may see like a strange topic coming from your dental office.  But most of us have someone in our lives who is hard to buy for.  Some people just seem to have “everything”. When it comes to buying Christmas gifts with some creativity, you can’t get more creative than shopping at the dentist!  Consider these gift options at Prosper Family Dentistry. Electric Toothbrush You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again.  Electric toothbrushes truly do clean your teeth better than manual toothbrushes.  Unfortunately, the best ones are
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New Year, New Smile

  New Year, New Smile January 2, 2018  It is that time of year when people around the world are resolving to make changes for the better.  A common theme in many New Year’s resolutions is improved health.  One of the great perks of improving your health is that it usually involves improving your appearance, too!  If you are exercising to enhance your health, you may also be losing weight or toning muscles.  If you resolve to get more sleep, you will lose those dark circles under your eyes. The same applies to taking care of your teeth.  The steps
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Caring for Teeth While in Braces

Caring for Teeth While in Braces October 18, 2017 Best Day Ever The day you get your braces off should be the best day ever. After months, maybe even years, of hiding your metal mouth and constantly digging food out of the brackets and wires, you will feel a newfound sense of freedom and won’t be able to pass a mirror without smiling at yourself. The end result of orthodontics is always worth the time, money, and effort you put into it. Not only are straight teeth beautiful; they are actually healthier than crooked teeth. There are two reasons straight
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