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Don’t Let Halloween Treats Give You a Jackolantern Smile!

Don’t Let Halloween Treats Give You a Jackolantern Smile! October 10, 2018 The temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is just around the corner.  Fall is everyone’s favorite season, filled with football, cute scarves, and lots and lots of candy.  Don’t let your daily Pumpkin Spice Latte and all that Halloween candy give you cavities! This blog will give you some tips to avoid the bad report from your dentist after Halloween is over. Indulge Only in Moderation We don’t want to ruin all of your fun.  You certainly can enjoy a PSL every once in a while with no ill
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A House Full of Candy . . . Now What?

10th Annual Candy Graveyard November 1, 2017 A House Full of Candy . . . Now What? Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the USA.  Over 179 million Americans celebrated Halloween this year, with 70% handing out candy.  In 2015, our merry-makers spent over $2.1 billion on Halloween candy.  That is a lot of candy! The average US trick-or-treater takes home 600 grams of sugar – the equivalent of 3 cups.  The recommended daily amount of sugar for a moderately active ten-year-old is 23 grams per day.  This means you would have to stretch that Halloween
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Halloween Candy

Don’t Get Tricked by Halloween Treats October 25, 2017 Halloween: Making Good Decisions for Your Teeth Halloween is almost synonymous with candy, and most people know that candy can cause cavities.  What many people do not know is that some candy is worse and more likely to cause cavities than other types of candy.  As dentists, it is easy to be a killjoy on Halloween.  Since we know kids are going to load up on candy at Halloween, we are not going to tell you not to eat it.  We’re going to give you information that will help you make
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