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Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ

Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ, Part 2 October 24, 2018 This week’s blog continues our two-part series in answering Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ.  A proper understanding of the TMJ goes far beyond the reach of a dental school education and requires dentists who purposefully seek out that deeper understanding through years of study.  Both Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara have extensive advanced education in this most complicated joint in the body. What are TMJ Headaches? There are a couple of different kinds of headaches caused by TMJ problems.  The most common is a muscle tension headache in the temples
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Exciting News for People who Hate Impressions!

Exciting News for People who Hate Taking Dental Impressions! April 12, 2017 Do you hate taking dental impressions (molds) of your teeth? Do you gag easily?  Does the idea of a mouth full of impression material (a.k.a. goo, clay, putty, gobbledy-gook) make your heart race?  You are not alone!  You wouldn’t believe the number of patients who tell us they absolutely hate having dental impressions taken.  It can be uncomfortable for people with strong gag reflexes, small mouths, bony protuberances called tori or exostoses, or claustrophobia.  Get ready to meet the intraoral scanner! We have great news for you: an
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