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Don’t Let Halloween Treats Give You a Jackolantern Smile!

Don’t Let Halloween Treats Give You a Jackolantern Smile! October 10, 2018 The temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is just around the corner.  Fall is everyone’s favorite season, filled with football, cute scarves, and lots and lots of candy.  Don’t let your daily Pumpkin Spice Latte and all that Halloween candy give you cavities! This blog will give you some tips to avoid the bad report from your dentist after Halloween is over. Indulge Only in Moderation We don’t want to ruin all of your fun.  You certainly can enjoy a PSL every once in a while with no ill
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What are These Gum Measurements? What is a Pocket?

What are These Gum Measurements?  What is a Pocket? August 29, 2018 The people who come to Prosper Family Dentistry regularly for professional teeth cleanings know that once each year, they will have gum measurements taken by the dental hygienist.  We use terms like “FMP”, “pockets”, and “probing depth”, as well as a long list of numbers. What are Gum Measurements? Gum measurements are a way to evaluate the state of the gums and jawbone around each tooth.  These measurements tell your dental hygienist and dentist whether your gums are healthy or unhealthy. You cannot have a healthy mouth without
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