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What Exactly is Preventive Dentistry?

What Exactly is Preventive Dentistry? August 8, 2018 There are many different categories within the realm of dental treatment.  In our opinion, the most important category is PREVENTIVE dentistry. At Prosper Family Dentistry, we are committed to practicing conservative and preventive dentistry.  We believe those two go hand in hand.  In order to be as conservative as possible, we need to help each and every patient prevent dental problems.  Big dental problems require extensive dental treatment.  By being preventive, we either intercept developing dental problems early or completely prevent them from happening! Why is Preventive Dentistry So Important? It Saves
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Do I Really Grind My Teeth?

Do I Really Grind My Teeth? May 24, 2017 Some of our patients are surprised when we inform them that we see evidence in their mouths of teeth grinding, or bruxism.  Many people have no idea that they are grinding their teeth.  And what happens very frequently is they come back in six months and say, “You know . . . I think I might be grinding my teeth.  Ever since you told me that six months ago, I’ve been noticing {insert symptom here}.” Signs vs. Symptoms In order to explain this phenomenon of a dentist telling the patient about
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