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Cavity-Free this Holiday Season

How to Stay Cavity-Free this Holiday Season November 14, 2018 The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: parties, candy, drinking, and lots and lots of eating!  This time of year often leads to a deviation from our normal eating and drinking habits as well as the way we take care of ourselves. Don’t let the holidays put you at risk for damage to your teeth!  Follow these simple steps to stay cavity-free this holiday season. Try to have desserts with meals only. We know this is a tough one.  There are extra helpings of pie in
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Give Thanks for Your Teeth

Give Thanks for Your Teeth: They’ll Work Hard This Week. November 22, 2017 Be Thankful for Your Teeth It is easy to take things, like good health, for granted. Here are a few reasons you should be thankful for your teeth this holiday season. Chewing – Teeth are absolutely essential for chewing food. Many people do not realize that chewing is the first step in the digestive process.  The breakdown of food does not begin in the stomach.  It begins in the mouth.  Being unable to properly chew food means missing an important link in the chain of digestion.  Chewing
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