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Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ

Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ, Part 2 October 24, 2018 This week’s blog continues our two-part series in answering Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ.  A proper understanding of the TMJ goes far beyond the reach of a dental school education and requires dentists who purposefully seek out that deeper understanding through years of study.  Both Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara have extensive advanced education in this most complicated joint in the body. What are TMJ Headaches? There are a couple of different kinds of headaches caused by TMJ problems.  The most common is a muscle tension headache in the temples
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FGQs about TMJ, Part 1

Frequently Googled Questions about TMJ, Part 1 October 17, 2018 TMJ is a phrase thrown around by many but understood by few.  The plethora of questions googled about TMJ tells us that.  Many people suffer from problems with their jaw joints.  They are often told by doctors or dentists that they simply have “TMJ”, but it is usually not quite so simple. Because of the complicated nature of this joint and all of the questions regarding it, this will be the first in a two-part blog series on the questions people most commonly ask google about the TMJ.           What is
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TMJ Disorder and Dysfunction

TMJ Disorder and Dysfunction April 19, 2017 What is TMD? TMD stands for temporomandiblar disorder. People commonly refer to this as “TMJ”. TMJ actually means temporomandiblar joint. We all have two TMJ’s. TMD is what dentists refer to when the joint has a problem. There are many different types of problems and different levels of severity of these problems. What is TMJ? TMJ is the temporomandiblar joint which connects your lower jaw to your upper jaw. It is the most complex joint in the body due to the fact that it is the only joint in the body where the
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