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Are You Brushing the Right Way?

Are You Brushing the Right Way? September 19, 2018 You may remember that old toothbrush commercial that ended with the dramatic phrase: “Brush . . . like a dentist!” The ad implies that if you use this specific brand of toothbrush, then you will automatically brush like a dentist.  The reality is that you can brush like a dentist with any kind of toothbrush. Here are the things you need to know in order to brush like a dentist. Timing When you do brush, it is important that you spend enough time on it to ensure that you are reaching
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Teeth Whitening

  Teeth Whitening August 9, 2017  A 2013 survey of 5,500 unmarried adults asked them to rank the qualities by which they judge the opposite sex on first meeting someone new.  Teeth was the highest ranked characteristic by a long shot (58% of men and 71% of women ranked it the #1 feature by which they judge a member of the opposite sex for attractiveness).  Americans spend $1.4 billion on teeth whitening products.  (Click here to see this and other interesting statistics about teeth whitening from research conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.)  Globally, teeth whitening is a
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FAQs for New Moms

  FAQs for New Moms April 19, 2016 When do the teeth break through the gums (erupt)? Normal eruption of the first tooth is generally around 6-7 months of age +/- 6 months. This means that it is normal for a baby to be born with teeth (6 months old minus 6 months = birth) or to have no teeth until they are 1 yr old (6 months old plus 6 months = 1 yr old). You can see that “normal” encompasses a pretty wide range. If your baby’s first tooth is later than the average, you can expect them
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