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Starting good dental care at a young age is extremely important. Prosper Family Dentistry in Prosper, TX 75078 was designed with children in mind. Even our lobby is equipped with a separate waiting room for children. The children’s waiting room has movies, games, toys, and video games. At Prosper Family Dentistry we see children of all ages. Below we address a few of the most frequently asked questions about your child’s dental health.

When should I bring my child in for his/her first visit?

We recommend that the child’s first dental visit happen between the age of 1 and 2 years. At this visit we will get the child acclimated to the dental office, allow the patient to sit in the dental chair if they please and attempt to complete what we call a lap exam. This exam allows the child to remain in the parent’s lap but lean back on the dentist to allow a screening exam to be completed. Also at this visit, our doctors will discuss proper care for your child’s teeth and answer any questions you may have.

My child is over the age of two and has not been to the dentist yet. What will you do at his/her first visit?

With children between the ages of 3-5, we tailor their first visit to fit their level of comfort. We will try to complete a full exam, take one or two radiographs and clean their teeth. We may only be able to complete one or two of these items, but that is okay! We will try again for the full appointment at their next visit. We believe having a positive first visit is the most important step!

Do you refer children to a pediatric dentist?

We rarely refer children to the pediatric dentist. In some situations, however, a child needs extensive treatment or is unable to cope with the dental office environment. In these cases we will need to refer the child to an excellent local pediatric specialist. This specialist will be able to offer I.V. sedation or other techniques to help them relax. Our goal is to ensure that the child has only positive memories of the dental experience.

My child is nervous about having a filling done. How will you make sure he/she is comfortable?

Our entire team works together to make each child feel comfortable in the dental chair. To take the children’s minds off their worries, we offer them a choice of movie during their visit. If a child is extremely nervous, we are equipped to offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We also recommend that the child bring in their favorite stuffed animal or toy with them to make them feel more at ease.

How can I prepare my child for his/her dental visit?

If this is your child’s first visit to the dentist, let the child know that the dentist is going to take them for a ride in a special chair, take pictures of their teeth, use a tooth-counter to make sure their teeth are healthy and use a special toothbrush to clean their teeth. If you child is coming in for a filling, instead of telling him that the dentist is going to give him a shot, tell him that the dentist is going to blow a bubble with sleepy juice next to the tooth to make the tooth take a nap so that the dentist can wash out the cavity bugs. It is important not to mislead the child, but it is never a good idea to scare them before the visit.

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