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SprintRay 3D Printing in Prosper, TX

Prosper Family Dentistry is committed to investing in highly advanced dental technology to keep our services comfortable, efficient, and affordable for our patients. Our SprintRay 3D printer helps our team create durable, custom oral appliances and dental restorations quickly and effectively. To learn more about our technology or services or to schedule your next visit with our office, please contact us!

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How are digital impressions taken?

Instead of using a mold full of dental putty, digital dental impressions use a small handheld device that sort of looks like an electric toothbrush. This device is actually a highly advanced camera that takes thousands of high-quality images as it is moved along the patient's teeth. You can even watch in real time as your digital impressions are created on a screen! The entire process only takes a few minutes, and it tends to be much more comfortable for patients and convenient for dental professionals.

When can I get my oral appliance?

Another advantage of 3D printing is how quickly oral appliances can be designed and created. Typically, patients can receive their custom aligners, mouthguards, or dentures the same day that their impressions are taken! This technology allows our office to provide same-day dental crowns as well, which reduces the number of appointments that patients have to schedule with our team and eliminates the need for temporary crowns. This, in turn, speeds up our patient's treatment times considerably without sacrificing quality.

Are 3D printed services more expensive?

Since our oral appliances can be created quickly and easily, it would make sense that they would be more of a financial investment for patients. However, because we are able to produce our custom oral appliances and dental restorations in-office, we do not have to work with outside labs. This reduces the overall cost of treatment, and we are more than happy to pass these savings on to our valued patients! For more information about our flexible financing options, we recommend reaching out to our team directly or visiting our financial page.

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